“No matter the industry, training is about one thing…improving performance.”

What is a Trainer?

Training is an educational process where people learn new information and abilities. A trainer is the one who facilitates the training and teaches the new information, ideas and skills. Regal and Associates provides corporate trainings and ongoing workforce development, leadership development, and personal development workshops and trainings.

Our Trainers Have What it Takes!Professional Keyboard_web

There are several important facets of a good training workshop. One of the most important is creating material relevant to your audience which impacts beyond the end of the training session. Another is delivery in a language participants comprehend. Other important facets of good training and workshops are establishing connection at the onset, and presenting with insight, confidence and conviction. At Regal and Associates our facilitators adapt as necessary to ensure participants are both informed and engaged. Our training sessions and workshops are packed with passion, enthusiasm, and honest feedback so participants attain the lessons and new skills we are hired to convey.

Flexible and Customized Trainings

The great thing about training is the flexibility with which it can be offered. At Regal and Associates we have mastered several development and training workshops and can design training material around select subjects to your organization’s specifications.


If your organization is looking for presenters who seamlessly garner buy-in while connecting with participants in an informative, inspiring and effective way, Regal and Associates is the smart, trusted choice. We provide an array of customizable workshops which can be tailored to your organization or departmental needs and expectations. Should you have any questions or need to schedule our firm for an upcoming corporate training, give us a call at 980-202-BEST (2378) or send an email to  We are training professionals and we look forward to collaborating with you and your organization.