Executive and Leadership Development

Executive and Leadership Development

Organizations are made up of people, and today’s forward-thinking leaders know that the on-going development of human capital and human potential are critical to an individual’s personal satisfaction and to an organization’s growth and success.

At Regal and Associates, we aim to enhance the creativity and productivity of all business sectors by increasing the number of effective women at all levels. To accomplish this goal, we offer 3 types of leadership development programs for existing and newly promoted leaders, and for women who aspire to work in leadership positions:

  1.  Executive and Leadership Coaching – for existing and newly-appointed leaders.
  2.  SOAR Emerging Women Leadership Training – a corporate training program that develops your organization’s candidates with leadership
  3.  SOAR Lunch & Learn Workshops – group workshops for women who aspire to leadership positions.

We also offer an array or professional and workforce development services for organizations and individuals on our Professional and Workforce Development page.

1. Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching (see pricing chart here)

Executive coaching is no longer preserved for those in the higher echelons of senior management. Today, newly-promoted managers, leaders, board members, and executives obtain coaching to help them better manage the leadership responsibilities and challenges which accompany new leadership positions. Also, as a leader your  effectiveness is firmly tied to your ability to lead, motivate your team, and exceed company expectations. Regal and Associates’ executive and leadership program is custom-tailored to support and guide newly-promoted managers, leaders, board members and executives in successfully handling the leadership responsibilities and challenges which accompany their new position. Our pprogram is customized to the needs of the client and organization, and typically coach clients to learn or improve in one or more of these areas:

Professional Women of Color_Web

  • Communicate clearly and progressively with peers, subordinates, bosses, clients, and customers
  • Exhibit high performance under pressure
  • Transform common business challenges into opportunities
  • Fine-tune strategic thinking
  • Improve communication, decision-making, and public speaking skills
  • Cultivate teamwork
  • Inspire peak performance
  • Reduce turnover

Our Executive Coaches can work to a specific schedule or on retainer. Additionally, we can provide long term support, or be brought on-board to support specific leadership initiatives. Should you have any questions at all about any of our coaching or training programs, please contact us at 980-202-BEST (2378) or send an email to info@regalandassociates.com.  We are glad to answer all of your questions.

2. SOAR Emerging Women Leadership Training Program (call 980-202-2378 for pricing)

Smart business leaders know the importance of capitalizing on all of its talent to get ahead; and today more companies are turning to leadership programs to complement the development of aspiring women leaders. The payoffs continue to be rewarding.

Regal and Associates provides one of the most comprehensive Emerging Leadership Training programs, which grooms high-potential women employees for professional leadership roles. If your organization is looking to cultivate more gender diversity among management, the SOAR Emerging Leadership program can help your workforce take more initiative and gain new leadership competencies. In this program, topics covered include:

  • Being the kind of leader you want to have
  • Building an effective team within an organization
  • Dealing effectively with conflict
  • Strategic decision making
  • Recovering more quickly from set-backs
  • Healthy work-life balance

Should you have any questions about any of our programs, Please contact us at 980-202-BEST (2378) or send an email to info@regalandassociates.com.  We are glad to answer all of your questions.


3. SOAR Lunch & Learn Workshops (for Aspiring Women Leaders) (call 980-202-2378 for pricing)

Emerging Women Leaders_webWhat happens when you want more from your career but all of your talents aren’t being fully utilized? Unfortunately, too many women facing this predicament don’t know where to begin. For this reason, Regal and Associates offers the SOAR Lunch & Learn Leadership workshop which gives women with leadership interest and potential the direction and confidence they need to gain more recognition as the workplace leader they already are.

If you are looking to advance your career, this 3-hour informative and interactive workshop provides important leadership principles specifically for aspiring women leaders, plus a series of  “golden nuggets” from top-level executive women mentors. The atmosphere is professional, high energy and lots of fun. If you are serious about taking the next steps into leadership, this workshop can help you move forward and stand tall with the initiative you need.

If you are interested in scheduling for this upcoming workshop, please contact us at 980-202-BEST (2378) or send an email to info@regalandassociates.com.