Corporate and Workforce

Corporate and Workforce

At Regal and Associates, we work hard to enhance the lives of those we serve….and so far we’ve done a very good job at it.

We offer an array of coaching services, workshops, and training programs for organizations, agencies, departments, and individuals. Our team can also customize trainings to suit your specific organizational needs. Should you have any questions on any of our existing services, or an inquiry about a service not listed, give us a call at 980-202-BEST (2378) or email us at  

CORPORATE WORKSHOPS & TRAINING (call 980-202-2378 to discuss your corporate training needs.)

* Team-Building Workshops and Training

Team Building is the process of on-boarding employees to the company mission, and uniting them around a common organizational or departmental goal. The outcome? Improved productivity, a more cohesive team, delighted customers, and a better bottom line. Win-win all around. When employees work as a cohesive team, camaraderie, efficiency, positive energy, and revenue increase.

Team building is an ongoing process and oftentimes it takes the insight of an outside vendor, with no company ties or political ambitions, to spell out guiding principles which build a more effective and unified group. Sometimes team spirit is lost when there is lack of clear leadership or guidelines, the addition of diverse races of personnel, or during a merger or season of company transition. No matter the reason, Regal and Associates can provide training to on-board and rebuild your unit into a cohesive team. If your department or organization is in need of a Team-Building BOOST, give us a call at 980-202-BEST (2378) or email us at We are glad to help!

* Account Management, Customer Service, Ambassador Training

Account Managers are the primary point of contact in an organization and are responsible for ensuring customers receive products / services as promised. They act as the company liaison to manage and maintain the relationship between the customer and other departments after the sales process is complete. They have a huge responsibility for a customer’s first and continued impression of the organization.

Similar to Account Managers, Customer Service Representatives, also referred to as ambassadors of the organization, provide assistance to customers by answering questions before a purchase is ever made, after a purchase is made, or without a purchase ever being made. Slightly different from account managers who ensure the customer received the product / service as promised, customer service representatives and ambassadors are the face, ears and representation of the organization or agency, and responsible for ensuring the client is pleased with the organization, the product, and/or it’s service. Good customer service mandates hiring and training smart personnel who are competent about the product / service, are good listeners, good problem solvers, understand people and, at minimal, ‘pretend’  that they want to help. The business’s success is dependent on the customer service / ambassador’s ability to develop bonds with clients, leading to long-term relationships, referrals, and customer loyalty.

Both Account Management and Customer Service are extremely important to maintaining the client relationship, to the company’s brand, and to its ongoing revenue stream. For this reason, smart companies prioritize Customer Service and Account Manager Representatives, working hard to ensure their personnel are well organized and trained, have behavioral expectations, and understand their roles while enjoying their jobs. If your department or organization is in need of an Account Manager or Customer Service training BOOST, give us a call at 980-202-BEST (2378) or email us at We are glad to help!

* Corporate Grooming, Attire, & Dress

In today’s more casually-dressed corporate environment, a surprising number of employees, including leaders and executives, admit to not knowing what styles suit their bodies or are appropriate to wear to work.

We don’t suggest overly conservative attire, however even your employees who never meet clients in person (only corresponding via telephone), are sending a message that affects other employees, customers, and the bottom line. The right attire can make a workday more enjoyable and industrious; while the wrong attire can sabotage productivity in a myriad of ways.

Wearing the wrong attire can translate to leadership and decision-makers whether service standards are prioritized, goals are being met, or if the person is suitable for future promotion or leadership. The wrong attire can also be a mental or physical distraction. For instance, clothes that are uncomfortable, fit too tight, or put individuals in a mindset or environment outside of work, bring impediments that interfere with productivity and client services, whether employees realize it or not. Likewise, an oversight as seemingly insignificant as lack of attire attention-to-detail can translate into the assumption that work attention-to-detail will be likewise disregarded or overlooked. Regal and Associates works with organizations and small businesses to help improve employee understanding of a winning wardrobe. If your department or organization needs training on appropriate attire or dress, give us a call at 980-202-BEST (2378) or email us at We are glad to help!

* SOAR Emerging Women Leadership Training Program

Smart business leaders know the importance of capitalizing on all of its talent to get ahead; and today more companies are turning to leadership programs to complement the development of aspiring women leaders. The payoffs continue to be rewarding.

Regal and Associates provides one of the most comprehensive Emerging Leadership Training programs, which grooms high-potential women employees for professional leadership roles. If your organization is looking to cultivate more gender diversity among management, the SOAR Emerging Leadership program can help your workforce take more initiative and gain new leadership competencies. In this program, topics covered include:

  • Being the kind of leader you want to have
  • Building an effective team within an organization
  • Dealing effectively with conflict
  • Strategic decision making
  • Recovering more quickly from set-backs
  • Healthy work-life balance


(In partnership with non-profit agencies – call 980-202-BEST (2378) or email for pricing)

If you are transitioning careers, have been displaced from your job, or consider your current employment at-risk, Regal and Associates provides a unique array of relevant workforce development workshops to help you in your transition and goals. We currently offer the following Workforce Development workshops, either unilaterally or in partnership with other workforce development organizations. See the Upcoming Events page for dates, times, and locations, or contact us at 980-202-BEST (2378) or via email at

* Ace the Interview with Confidence and Impact!

Congratulations! You got the interview. But in today’s very competitive job market, hiring managers are looking for more than just credentials on a resume. If you’re smart you won’t leave anything to chance. This spirited workshop provides strategies and insights from hiring managers who’ve worked for some of the country’s most recognized corporations.  Be prepared with germane answers and questions to present yourself and your skills with the confidence and impact to get hired.

* Before You Exit (Clever Strategies to Leave in Tact)

For professionals who worry that their job may be at-risk, or for those who are ready to call it quits. This informative lunch and learn workshop is a must attend, presented by Human Resources veteran GiGi with over 25 years of HR management expertise for one of the country’s largest and well-known corporations. This workshop teaches what you need to know and do in order to depart with a good impression; with everything you’ve earned and deserve; and with the confidence to move forward. Confidently take a respite, start a new business venture, or apply to work for another organization knowing you and your service is valued.

* Women in the Workforce – Identifying Life Skills to Enhance Your Resume

If you or a woman you know is unemployed, underemployed, transitioning fields, or back into the workforce, the Women-In-The-Workforce workshop can help. This encouraging and insightful workshop explores how women can cross-reference and use the skills they obtain from current positions, hobbies, volunteer work, and homemaking to pursue and attain more gainful and fulfilling employment.

* Wear the Attire to Get You Hired – (Dress for Success 2016)

Although every organization has a formal and written dress code, it’s oftentimes the unwritten, unspoken code which negatively impacts a candidate’s chances of hire, and an employee’s chances of promotion. This workshop teaches women the essentials of a winning wardrobe – from business casual to relaxed professional – with helpful tips on how to accessorize and show your unique style without towing the line.

* Get Hired! Job Readiness Training for Teens (postponed)

Teens, do you have what it takes to confidently land that job you’ve been wanting? Whether you’ll be searching for your first job or a new job, you’ll need job readiness skills and insider hiring tips to help you get hired. The Get Hired! Job Readiness Training workshop is a fun and interactive workshop for youth ages 12-18 which provides the tools, tips, and confidence teens need to land their first job or get a new one. The workshop covers everything they need from creating a solid resume (even if they haven’t had a job before), to knowing exactly what a boss looks for when they hire. Learn a 30-second pitch and how to present yourself and your skills with confidence.

Additional workforce development programs are being developed regularly. Should you have any questions on our existing workshops or have a suggestion on a workshop you’d like us to present, contact us at 980-202-BEST (2378) or via email at  We are eager to answer all of your questions.