Personal Development Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

Personal coaching is a one-to-one relationship between a client and a professional coach which helps the client identify and target areas for growth in their relationships, career, and life. Coaches help clients focus on what it is they really want to achieve, and hold them accountable to the steps to get them there. Personal coaching can be done in single sessions as needed or most effectively over periods of time with pre-arranged frequency.

When you hire a personal coach, you are making an investment in yourself. As with any investment, you should do your homework to ensure you make the right choice. Three vital considerations are:

  1. Related Experience – No matter how much life experience a person has, no one is truly a master of all things. Related experience is essential to life coaching because it is through shared experience and understanding that your coach can help you discover the best direction for your situation.
  2. References –  An effective coach will have happy and satisfied clients who, after contracting their services, will have made meaningful changes in their organizations or lives.
  3. A Personal Connection – In order to develop the deep trust necessary for personal discovery and progression, it is very important that you feel comfortable with your coach. After you have narrowed down the final candidates, ask for a sample consultation. Your experience during the session will help finalize your decision.Stand out from crowd_Web


The ideal client for personal coaching is the woman who:
  • Is ready to move her life in a new direction
  • Has a sincere desire to grow and transform
  • Is genuinely ready for change

Regal and Associates offers several types of personal coaching services:

Personal Life Coaching If you are serious about finding clarity and eliminating a lingering problem from your life, the most progressive step you can take is on-boarding the direction and support of a personal life coach who has the experience, sensitivity, and training to help. There is no need to keep struggling through it on your own. Realize that there is someone who can help.

Self-Esteem – Confidence CoachingSelf-Esteem and Confidence coaching challenges a woman’s negative thought patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors to help her define and unleash the fascinating and confident woman within.

Appearance Coaching – Despite the old adage, most people still judge the book by its cover. A woman’s appearance (posture, gestures, communication skills and grooming) tells a story without her ever speaking a single word. Let Regal and Associates help you ensure that your story reads like a best-selling novel.

Relationship CoachingRelationships are the key factor to your quality of life. That’s why it’s important we maintain healthy relationships with sincere and supportive people, and to keep the toxic and stagnating ones at bay. Relationship coaching helps a woman gain the clarity and the courage she needs to acknowledge and eliminate harmful relationships, and the skills to begin making better relationship choices.

Stress-Management CoachingRegal and Associates provides customized stress-management coaching for women with too much on their plate. With this program, clients learn how to recognize their individual stress triggers, how to apply coping techniques when approaching overload, and how to maximize productivity by prioritizing tasks and learning to say no.


At Regal and Associates, we understand the importance of getting the help you need to move toward a more fulfilling life. That’s why we offer convenient pay-as-you-go sessions, affordable bundle-and-save options, and extensive monthly packages. Prices are per type of coaching, however we understand the value of a holistic approach and can discuss combining maximum two types of services. For example, a individual or organization can purchase the 1-month coaching package ($1500) to be used for either one type of coaching service (i.e. Self-Esteem/Confidence Coaching) or for two types of coaching services combined over the one month (i.e. Self-Esteem/Confidence AND Appearance Coaching). Since combining services splits the time and focus of each service, your coach may recommend you consider adding bundle packages as well.

All coaching sessions are face-to-face, up to a 30-minute drive. Clients who live or work beyond the 30 minute maximum driving range will meet at a mutually agreeable median location or via Skype.

Pay As You Go
Personal, One-to-One coaching as needed
1-Hr = $125
30 minutes = $70
Emergency Telephone Response (max 25 minutes) = $85
Bundle & Save
Buy more sessions now, pay less per session
Twelve (12) 1-Hr Sessions = $1375 (price includes one free 1-hr session)
Six (6) 1-Hr Sessions = $715 (price includes one free 20-minute session)
Six (6) 30-minute Sessions = $420
Monthly Packages
Continual, personalized coaching throughout the month
• One month (4 weeks) of personal/individual coaching
• Three 1-hr coaching sessions each week (= 12 total sessions)
• Interim telephone, email, and text support (maximum 20 minutes)
• Personal journal
• 2 Progress reports
1 Month = $1500

To learn more about Regal and Associates Personal Development Coaching or any of our other development services, contact us at 980-202-BEST (2378) or via email at We are pleased to offer potential new clients a 20 minute complimentary consultation to see if our services and philosophies are the right fit for you.